QW7: The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on College Students in the U.S.

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Presenter: Edward Huynh

Authors: Bowen Liu, Edward Huynh, Chengcheng Li, Qing Wu

Mentor(s): Qing Wu

Abstract: Previous studies have indicated the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated levels of anxiety, stress, and depression among college students. Furthermore, these same studies indicated that action is needed in order to address the emergent mental health issues. The focus of this study was on the anxiety, stress, and depression levels of university students during the COVID-19 pandemic at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The study was conducted between November and December 2020. An electronic survey was administered online, and around 2000 completed questionnaires were collected. In this study, the Coronavirus Anxiety Scale, the Perceived Stress Scale, and the Major Depression Inventory were used to determine, respectively, anxiety, stress, and depression levels among the participants. The present results indicate that gender and previous experiences of racial discrimination during the pandemic have significant effects on the anxiety and stress of UNLV students.

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  1. Ana Rosas says:

    Hello, I am researching into the impact of Covid-19 on women in Nevada. This is fantastic work especially since we all need to know how much of an impact stress will play in recovering from the pandemic. I look forward to the rest of your results.

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