QW1: Trends in osteoporosis and mean bone density among type 2 diabetes patients in the US from 2005 to 2014

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AUTHORS: Yingke Xu, MSPH, Qing Wu, MD, Sc.D

MENTOR: Qing Wu, MD, Sc.D


This study aimed to examine how bone health changed among T2DM patients in the past decade. Continuous National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data from 2005–2006 to 2013–2014 were analyzed to examine the trends of bone mineral density (BMD) and the prevalence trends of osteoporosis osteopenia among T2DM patients and non-diabetic people aged 40 years and older. The age- and BMI-adjusted mean BMD of the femur neck for the four NHANES cycles decreased linearly in both T2DM patients and non-diabetic people (both Plinear trend≤ 0.009). Among women with T2DM, the mean BMD in 2013–2014 was significantly lower than that in 2005–2006, even after adjusting for multiple covariates. During 2005–2014, the prevalence of osteoporosis among T2DM patients and non-diabetic people increased but with no significant linear trend (both Plinear trend> 0.05), while the prevalence of osteopenia in the two populations increased linearly (both Plinear trend< 0.04). Age- and BMI-adjusted mean BMD decreased in 2013–2014 in patients with T2DM and non-diabetic people, while the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia increased in both groups.

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